Me before SportShack vs after it.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Let us start with my lifestyle:

Before Sportshack: I would feel lethargic throughout the day. After school on weekdays, I would change my clothes slowly and get freshened up even more slowly. I would roam around without anything to do. Sometimes I would watch television while the rest of the time I would play games on the mobile. I would eat a normal-sized dinner, then I would go to sleep which was very difficult considering the fact I did nothing during the day that would exert me. This was my basic day before sportshack.

After Sportshack: I stay fresh and energized throughout the day. After school on weekdays, I freshen up and get ready for my sportshack training fast. I do as much homework that I can do before leaving the house. After the training, I come home hungry and eat my dinner. I would then idle around for a bit before calling it a day. This is my regular day after sportshack.

My fitness level:

Before Sportshack: I was literally what you called a couch potato. I did no exercise and spent almost the whole day sitting. I was very less flexible. I couldn’t touch my toes without bending my knees. My strength was really low and I couldn’t even do a 30-sec plank or a kneeling push up. My weight was well over 55 kg.

After Sportshack: My fitness level has improved drastically. I am no longer the couch potato that I used to be. My strength has improved so much that I can do 1.5 min plank and full push-ups. My weight has reduced to 52 kg. I can also touch the ground without bending my knees.

My view of running:

Before Sportshack: It is a formality that many people fulfil to reduce their weight and people who win marathons have a different type of body and I will never be able to match them.

After Sportshack: All is achievable through hard work and patience. People will never run because it is a formality but they will run because they love it.


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