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Completed 1 amazing year at Sport Shack!

Exactly a year ago, I joined Sport Shack as a person who didn’t know anything about running, no idea about diet and the importance of this sport. On the first day of my training, I gave my time trial for 1km which was completed in 4 minutes and 5 seconds. Earlier it was challenging for me to run at a constant pace. After every run, I felt drained out and exhausted. Speed repeats were truly very strenuous for me and they still are. However, I still had that grit to improve myself. Day by day, my level of training & strength increased and within one and a half months I ran my first marathon where I also won the 2nd rank. This marathon was truly very encouraging for me and I started working harder. Soon I again won the 2nd position in Durshet Forest Marathon in September. With constant training and running, I could finally run 5km at a constant pace without getting much tired.

My primary goal was to advance in 5km. From running my first 5km in 25 minutes and 34 seconds in July to 22 minutes and 22 seconds in March, I have learnt from this club that if you want to achieve any goal, hard work and dedication is necessary. This sport teaches you to live a disciplined life, focus on our target, realize our limitations and improve next time.

In this one year, I have made many friends, had countless experiences and made great memories! Thank you all Bhaiyas and other runners for always supporting me and making me a better athlete!!

Believe in yourself, push your limits, experience life, conquer your goals & be happy! ” --- Satchel Paige
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