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Stroke Learning

For those looking to step into the world of swimming or just learn a new life skill, our stroke training program is the perfect fit. It helps build confidence in the water and can potentially save your life.


Our members train in the pool 3 days/week working on learning the basics.


Stroke Correction

For those who are comfortable in the water but don't have a seamless and efficient stroke​, stroke correction is a must. It saves a large amount of energy and must be done before any speed or endurance work.

Stroke correction is done 3 days/week by our basic members.

Swimming Club


Endurance Swim

Long swims help build up endurance and efficiency in the water. Being comfortable and having a good aerobic base is the basis for strong speed work.

Advanced swimmers do an endurance swim once a week.


Speed Work

On the foundation of a good base, swimmers are ready to do speed work to build strength. Speed work helps build a powerful pull and kick.


Swimmers have one to two speed sessions in a week based on where they are in their season. 


Time Trial

If you're looking to swim from the basics, you'll automatically be enrolled in the basic batch. If you can swim, we will conduct a 100m time trial to get a good idea of your current fitness levels.

How To Get Onboard


Set Goals

Based on your preliminary time-trial, we'll set goals that we can work towards in the coming quarter.

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Start Training

Enrol in the swimming club and begin training with the team under and experienced coach to start working towards your goals.

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