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Strength and Conditioning


Strength Training

For our members who aren't prepared for the rigours of endurance sport as well as intermediate endurance athletes can take up strength training. It helps increase strength, decreases the risk of injury, and improves your endurance sport performance.



High Intensity Interval Training is designed to improve oxygen consumption, and burns a high amount of calories in a short amount of time. Metabolic rate remains high even after the exercise. A sure shot way to lose that extra weight.


Functional Training

Functional training is a fun but effective way to increase balance, speed, and range of motion. The training also helps improve core muscles. Functional training must be incorporated in the training of any intermediate athlete looking to improve.


Band Work

Band work is a good substitute to weight training as it provides more variety in exercises and doesn't let you use momentum to cheat. Kids and adults can equally benefit from band training.

Resistance bands can help strengthen ankles and knees effectively.

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Start Training

You can begin strength and conditioning work without any pre requisites. Your goal might be to lose weight, improve athletic performance or simply get your body ready for the sport that you love. Enrol now, and start systematic training with the team towards the new you.

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