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Running Club


Long Runs

Long runs are done to improve our cardiovascular system by training the body to supply more oxygen to the working muscles. They must be done at a comfortable pace.


Sport Shack athletes do their long runs on  Monday.


Speed Work

Speed work helps build strength in the muscles that help to powerfully propel the body forward. They also help build the anaerobic system so you learn to run with oxygen debt.

Sport Shack athletes do their long runs on  Thursday.


Hill Training

Hill Training is a form of resistance training that helps build strength in the body. Running uphill also improves form.

Only advanced Sport Shack athletes do hill training on Saturday.

Functional 2.jpg

Strength and Functional

Running efficiently requires good form. Strength training is the basis of having a good running form.

Functional training helps in improving balance and leg turnover.

Sport Shack athletes do strength work on Tuesday and Thursday.


Time Trial

Call us to set up a 1 km time-trial at any one of our locations so we get a good benchmark to work on. The time trial can be a walk, jog, or an all out run. We just need the best 1 km you can do.

How To Get Onboard


Set Goals

Based on your time trial, we will send you a detailed report with your current fitness level and goals for the coming quarter.


Start Training

Enrol for the programme and start training with the team under our experienced trainers who will help you reach your goals.

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