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What are the benefits of running in the morning?

I'll discuss a few reasons why I think running in the morning is a healthy choice.

1. Cleaner air - Usually in the morning, since the number of vehicles on the road is relatively less, it is a good time to have clean fresher air for breathing.

2. Less noise - Mornings are much more quieter and give you a sense of calm. If you like to think or reflect on your life while running, there isn't a better time than mornings.

3. Energy levels - When you are done running in the mornings, you feel extremely energetic the entire day which will help you be more effective in all your daily activities.

4. Wholesome breakfast - If you have completed your run early in the morning, you feel hungry which helps you eat a much more wholesome breakfast. A healthy breakfast plays a very important role in your daily energy levels and helps towards having a healthier life.

5. Running events - Since most of the running events take place early in the morning, running them will be much easier for you as opposed to people who run in the evenings and have to shift their body habits.

Hope this helps improve your running experience. Keep running!


By Shubham Bhaiya back in 2016.

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