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Sportshack Winter Camp Wai 2019 24th December 2019-27th December 2019

This Wai Winter Camp was a changing point in my running career.

I first used to run 5 km in near 27 min before this trip.

But after this I greatly improved my time of 5km to 22 min 22 sec.

I would like to share my experience with you all!


We all were supposed to leave dot at 9 am,

But as usual Shubham bhaiya came a little late at around 9:30 am.

We had brought our haversacks containing our luggage as we were told ,

As we were going by 2 cars we needed to pack all the luggage in bhaiya's Vento's boot space,

and rest of the luggage had to be tied over Manish bhaiya's Wagon R.

Anurag bhaiya , Utkarsh bhaiya ,Aakash bhaiya ,Vedang bhaiya came on bikes .

I was in Shubham bhaiya's car along with Rajat, Sreeja, Ananya .V and Sana.

Harika, Vagisha, Anandita ,Purvi and Dia were in Manish bhaiya's car.

We stopped at a restaurant to have a brunch around 11am,

and then reached our destination…..THE YELLOW RETREAT (Anurag bhaiya's sister's hotel) around 12:30pm.

We had our 1st Lecture with Anurag bhaiya (On choosing the right pair of shoes)followed by World Championship 500 m race screeing and Discussion at 3 pm.

We had our easy run- 4 km at 4 pm.

Then we had our core workout immediately after the run at 5:45 pm.

We played a lot of Billiards , Carom ,T.T and Badminton on all the days.

Then we had our dinner at 8 pm and we went to bed ,



We woke up at 6 :15 am and got ready for what we didn't know at that time,


The workout started at 7:00 am and was a total of 6.5 km uphill run for the next 1 and half hours .

Then Anurag bhaiya forced us to drink the disgusting Pea Protein.

Then we played water polo in the swimming pool for 1 hour 15 min,

And we had breakfast after getting freashing up.

We played a bit and then had lunch at 1:30pm .

We had another informative session about,


followed by screening of 21 km race screening.

Then we had our easy run - 4km at 5:15 pm,

followed by core workout at 5:55pm till 7 pm.

Then we had our dinner at 8 pm,

and then given free time and advised to sleep early as in bhaiya's words the next day was THE ULTIMATE TEST OF ENDURANCE Day.


We woke up at 6 am and as it was raining wore our raincoats for the

Long Run -5 km (the routes were extremely hilly).

Then we had breakfast followed by Easy run -4 km.

We were given free time till our next run .

Then we had our special DOWNHILL RUN -3 km ,

which was exact opposite of Hill training.

We did this run as we had learned that downhill is an important factor after watching 21km race.

Then we had our lunch at 1:30 pm followed by free time.

We then had our last run (easy run) -4km in the evening.

Then for refreashment we again played water polo at 6:30pm till 7:30pm.

Then we had dinner where we were served chicken biryani also!

Then we had Ice cream and watched ZNMD till midnight and slept.


Bhaiya welcomed us into Afterlife(also the name of the day given by bhaiya).

We had breakfast and did a bit of Timepass till we left at 10:30am.

We went to Mahableshwar .

We had to cancel Mapro because of a lot of rush and traffic jam.

Instead we went to Bagicha Restaurant and had a sumptuous meal,

and the strawberry with cream was a real treat!

We had swapped the cars while returning.

The 4 bhaiyas on bikes went and brought something for everyone

and we finally reached Park Street at 8 pm.

And this was an end to this fabulous and memorable trip.

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Nivedita Sivakumar
Nivedita Sivakumar
Jun 10, 2020

Wow! Well articulated 👏


Rohini Rana
Rohini Rana
Jun 10, 2020

Excellent Aditya. Keep it up 👍

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