Sportshack Winter Camp Wai 2019 24th December 2019-27th December 2019

This Wai Winter Camp was a changing point in my running career.

I first used to run 5 km in near 27 min before this trip.

But after this I greatly improved my time of 5km to 22 min 22 sec.

I would like to share my experience with you all!


We all were supposed to leave dot at 9 am,

But as usual Shubham bhaiya came a little late at around 9:30 am.

We had brought our haversacks containing our luggage as we were told ,

As we were going by 2 cars we needed to pack all the luggage in bhaiya's Vento's boot space,

and rest of the luggage had to be tied over Manish bhaiya's Wagon R.

Anurag bhaiya , Utkarsh bhaiya ,Aakash bhaiya ,Vedang bhaiya came on bikes .

I was in Shubham bhaiya's car along with Rajat, Sreeja, Ananya .V and Sana.

Harika, Vagisha, Anandita ,Purvi and Dia were in Manish bhaiya's car.

We stopped at a restaurant to have a brunch around 11am,

and then reached our destination…..THE YELLOW RETREAT (Anurag bhaiya's sister's hotel) around 12:30pm.

We had our 1st Lecture with Anurag bhaiya (On choosing the right pair of shoes)followed by World Championship 500 m race screeing and Discussion at 3 pm.

We had our easy run- 4 km at 4 pm.

Then we had our core workout immediately after the run at 5:45 pm.

We played a lot of Billiards , Carom ,T.T and Badminton on all the days.

Then we had our dinner at 8 pm and we went to bed ,