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My first marathon

My first marathon

I remember my very first marathon. It was unity run 2016. The marathon was of 3 km. I was 6-7 years at that time. I wasn’t an athlete back then. It was my first marathon so I didn’t know how were marathons supposed to be. I ran the marathon in my school shoes as I didn’t have running shoes back then.

The marathon started around 6 AM. I walked most of the race because I didn’t have enough stamina. I hadn’t run more than 200m before so I was running at my full speed and got tired before finishing 750 m. Then I walked-sprinted the rest of the distance. I hadn’t run a marathon before and I drank approx. 500ml of water during a 3 km run.

The route of the race went through park turquoise, park titanium, sapphire park and the gate of topaz park. I finished the race about in 35 min. When the race was finished, I received my first participation medal. I was very happy on receiving it. I don’t know where it is now but I know that it is close to me.

This is the story of my first marathon ever.

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